The Holy Bible
The Triple Combination
The New Testament
updated 09/03/15
 The New Testament confirms the teachings, testimonies, and prophecies of the prophets of the Old Testament. It is an account of the birth, life, and ministry of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God; His Atonement; and His Resurrection. It tells about the establishment of His Church, His divine authority, His gospel, and His commandment to His disciples to share, to 'go … into all the world, and preach [His] gospel to every creature' .

The message of the New Testament was clear: there was one fold, one faith, one gospel, one priesthood, one church in order to be 'in one, the children of Christ' .

The message of the Restoration is [an] invitation to know why the gospel of Jesus Christ and His true Church have been restored by a prophet in modern times. 

Elder Charles Didier
Of the Presidency of the Seventy (October 2003)
A collection of inspired writings (originally in Greek) about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, the Apostles, and other followers of Jesus Christ. The New Testament is commonly divided into the Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, Paul’s epistles, the general epistles, and the book of Revelation.

The four Gospels—the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—are accounts of the life of Christ. The book of Acts records the history of the Church and the Apostles, especially Paul’s missionary travels, after Christ’s death. Paul’s letters give instruction to Church leaders and members. The other letters were written by other Apostles and give additional counsel to the early Saints. The book of Revelation, which was written by the Apostle John, contains mostly prophecies pertaining to the last days.